Saturday, July 15, 2017

Launch CReader 419 CR419 Scanner Review

DIY use $32.99 Launch CReader 419 CR419 Scanner and give an objective review on what it can do for what I paid.
Plug the CR419 Scanner 16pin port into the vehicle diagnostic socket.
Power on CR419.
This is CR419 function menu incl. DiagnoseDTC lookupTool setup and Help.
Select "Diagnose", click the upper right green icon to enter system.
Monitor status.
Select "I/M Readiness"
creader-419-test-04 creader-419-test-05 creader-419-test-06
Back to select "Data stream", then select among "View all items", "Select items" and "View graphic item", press the "Up" & "Down" button to choose what you want to view.
creader-419-test-07 creader-419-test-08 creader-419-test-09 creader-419-test-10
Back to choose "On-board monitoring", some vehicles not support this function.
Back to choose "Vehicle information"
Back to check "DTC lookup"
Reset language among English, French and Spanish.
Check "Help" option.
creader-419-test-14 creader-419-test-15
In conclusion.
Launch CReader 419 CR419 scanner can't be more suitable for DIYers / Home use / newbie, since it can meet the daily diagnostic need and it is very easy to use. I suggest every car owner has one CR419 in the car, it is very small and suitable for your handno need computer or phone to run with. Don't you think?

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