Saturday, April 13, 2019

Launch CRP429C Health Report (Quick Test)

Do you want to know Launch CRP429C car diagnostic tool "Health Report" function? We are a Chinese OBD2 diagnostic tool supplier,which have 11 years special experience write this instruction to share this guide.

Launch CRP429C Health Report
This function varies from vehicle to vehicle. It enables you to quickly access all
the electronic control units of the vehicle and generate a detailed report about
vehicle health.
Tap “Health Report”, the system starts scanning the ECUs. Once the scanning is complete, a screen similar to the following appears:

In above figure, the tested system with fault code appears in red and the system
with OK displays in white (normally).
On-screen Buttons:Tap to display the details of DTCs existing in the current system. Tap to
hide it.
Enter: Tap to select other test functions. For detailed operations, refer to Chapter

More information about Launch X431 CRP429C,please check here:

Friday, December 15, 2017

Launch Easydiag 2.0 Coustomer Reviews

Recently,some customers sent email to OBD2 review on product Launch Easydiag.Here I put part of their reviews below,hope it will give your a understand in-depth.
If you find Launch Easydiag is out of stock,you can try some replacement products,such as Launch EZcheck,Launch M-daig....

Launch Easydiag Reviews:

I love Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus smartphone diagnostic kit; it does everything you really need without spending $1000+ for a real scanner. This EasyDiag 2.0 came within 7 days. all is good, very happy with this kit a good investment.

– Bluetooth
– allow me to use it on either android or iphone
My Ford Fiesta had a check engine warning light, and I used the EasyDiag 2.0 PLUS kit to find out that the MAP sensor needed to be changed. I spent £15 on the new part and now the car runs great and the engine light was deleted in seconds. The reason I went for this instead of a Ford iCarsoft kit is so that when I change my car in future, all I need to do is buy the software for my next car instead of buying a brand new diagnostic kit.
– I used the EasyDiag 2.0 PLUS kit to clear an engine light from my C Class and was very impressed with the service.

The only thing I noticed that it really does not do is bi-directional reading but if you need that then you’re a professional mechanic working in a shop.

Article from OBD2 Blog site:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Launch X431 v 8 inch scan tool BEST PRICE

Where to get a Launch X431 V scan tool for the best quality and best price? Here you go.
Launch X431 v 8 inch scan tool price: US$803

Why do you need a new Launch X431 scan tool?

1- it supports special functions
2- it has full vehicle coverage: Brazilian, Indian, Chinese Australian, cars…
3- it supports BMW the 2007 year
4- it supports Toyota the 2007 year
5- it can do VW online programming without German server

Go on your reading for details…

1- 2017 Launch x431 v supports “Special Functions”
The 2017 version of Launch x431 v diagnostic tool 100% works good in special functions, especially perfect in auto key programming.
Special functions incl. Injector test, Fuel pump test, Purge control solenoid, Oil Reset Service , Steering Angle Calibration, Electronic Parking Brake Reset , Battery Register / Battery Maintenance , ABS Bleeding , Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn , Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration , Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset….

For repairmen working in a garage,
– The most popular functions in a repair garage: All covered!!!!!!
TPMS, Oil, Brake, SAS, Gear Learn & Bleeding….
– Very easy to operate: Click, click…done!
Launch engineers optimize the program;
users just click to finish it and never worry about damage when using
– Low cost: no need buy many repair parts

For example,
TPMS reset is necessary after the tire inflation or tire change; with 2017 version launch x431 v, the car repair shop can earn more, almost no need the cost.

2- Widest vehicle coverage among launch x431 scan tool
The new Launch x431 v 8-inch diagnostic tool has the widest vehicle coverage: up to 93 car brands about 220 car models.
– It can work good on Brazilian, Malaysian, Chinese, India and Australian cars, which almost can not be achieved with old launch 431 v scanners.
There almost no good and reliable diagnostic equipment for cars from Brazil, Chinese, India, Australia, so that the Launch team develops and adds the cars successfully.
– Also, it covers almost full European and USA cars.
Note: car software can be updated for FREE within 2 years.
Usually, what users pay for launch x431 software update is worth a new machine with a bit extra cost. So, the 2-year free update means that the users get 2 machines at a price of 1 machine; that is, save the cost for one machine.

Article from Launch X431 site:

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Launch CRP129 reset Electric Brake on Renault Scenic II

Step–by-step display the procedure of Launch CRP129 reset Electric Brake on Renault Scenic II, I am sure it helps a lot.

Connect Launch CRP129 OBD2 scanner with Renault Scenic via car OBD2 port.

Insert key card into key slot and do not press the brake pedal.
Then, press the car Start button for 6 seconds.

Power on the scanner and choose “Diagnostics”.
Go to “Replacement”.
And choose “Reset Brake”.
Select “Renault” car maker.
Follow the tips to turn ignition on.
Select “Scenic II” car model.
Choose “Release” then turn on ignition and do not run car engine. This action OK!
launch-crp129-reset-renault-scenic-electric-brake-7a launch-crp129-reset-renault-scenic-electric-brake-8

Back to choose “Apply” then turn on ignition and do not run car engine. This action OK!
launch-crp129-reset-renault-scenic-electric-brake-9 launch-crp129-reset-renault-scenic-electric-brake-10

Done! Launch CRP129 successfully reset Renault Scenic II Electric Brake!
This is what I got Launch CRP129, it is very impressive.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Launch Creader CR419 VS CR519 VS CR619/CR419

Here a comparison table among Launch Creader CR419, Creader CR519, Creader CR619.
launch cr419 compare
In conclusion:
Launch Creader CR419 is most suitable for DIYer, it can do:
√basic functions
√I/M Readiness status
√Freeze Frame
√Data Graphing
√vehicle information
√ Manufacturer Specific DTCs
√ Built-in DTC lookup
Read more about Launch Creader CR419 review / test report
So you Launch Creader CR419 can do what you pay, only $32.99 incl. shipping.

Launch Creader CR419 is language available: English, French and Spanish.
x431 cr419 language

Launch Creader CR419 update on 
 x431 cr419 version

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Launch CReader 419 CR419 Scanner Review

DIY use $32.99 Launch CReader 419 CR419 Scanner and give an objective review on what it can do for what I paid.
Plug the CR419 Scanner 16pin port into the vehicle diagnostic socket.
Power on CR419.
This is CR419 function menu incl. DiagnoseDTC lookupTool setup and Help.
Select "Diagnose", click the upper right green icon to enter system.
Monitor status.
Select "I/M Readiness"
creader-419-test-04 creader-419-test-05 creader-419-test-06
Back to select "Data stream", then select among "View all items", "Select items" and "View graphic item", press the "Up" & "Down" button to choose what you want to view.
creader-419-test-07 creader-419-test-08 creader-419-test-09 creader-419-test-10
Back to choose "On-board monitoring", some vehicles not support this function.
Back to choose "Vehicle information"
Back to check "DTC lookup"
Reset language among English, French and Spanish.
Check "Help" option.
creader-419-test-14 creader-419-test-15
In conclusion.
Launch CReader 419 CR419 scanner can't be more suitable for DIYers / Home use / newbie, since it can meet the daily diagnostic need and it is very easy to use. I suggest every car owner has one CR419 in the car, it is very small and suitable for your handno need computer or phone to run with. Don't you think?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How to use Launch Creader CRP Touch Pro 5.0

Launch Creader CRP Touch Pro 5.0" tablet arrived me after I ordered 5 days ago. I paid $518.5 on a China authorized dealer.
I like the feel when I hold it, it is very suitable for my palm.With Android system, it has a fast running speed from one screen to another one.
After test it and think I got what I paid, CRP Touch Pro is good product,  many functions to a variety of systems on today's vehicles. CRP Touch Pro is very good scanner in my shop.
I recommend … as the right scanner for you consideration.
Procedure on how to use Creader CRP Touch Pro:
Open Launch Creader CRP Touch Pro 5.0"
Apps menu
Click on "Google settings" to set wi-fi, sound, display, storage, battery.
Click on "Apps" to the downloaded apps, select "CRP T&P" to uninstall.
Back to APPS menu, select "Home button".
Plug the USB into the port at the bottom of CRP Touch Pro.
Select the "USB" icon to install CRP T&P
how-to-use-launch-creader-crp-touch-pro-05 how-to-use-launch-creader-crp-touch-pro-06
Click on the "Home" icon and go to APPS, the CRP T&P icon displays on the screen, click on it to launch
launch CRP Touch Pro.
launch CRP Touch Pro function menu shown as below.
Tap "Diagnostic" to loading vehicles.
Vehicle coverage: American, European and Asian.
To update "Demo"
how-to-use-launch-creader-crp-touch-pro-10 how-to-use-launch-creader-crp-touch-pro-11 how-to-use-launch-creader-crp-touch-pro-12
Update newest available vehicle version.
Power off CRP Touch Pro, then power on it.
Go on diagnosing...
CRP Touch Pro Review: Select what type of vehicle it gathers all other information from the vin code. there is no need to read the vin yourself and enter in the number like you have to on other scanners. Once the scanner gathers the vin code it asks you for the chance to enter the vehicle info manually or automatically. The auto entry has never been wrong and it is super fast then all you have to do is select what you want the scanner to do....system scan..e-brake reset whatever you are doing. Has lots of engine, transmission, SRS, abs and other systems for Honda.
It is very fast and easy to use and I fully plan on buying one of the larger scanners very soon. This tool updates quickly it has amazing data selections and graphs it will access everything larger scan tools can and it's light weight and simple.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Launch M-Diag Lite Review diagnose Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram truck

Launch M-Diag Lite review for sharing: How I use Launch M-Diag Lite to quick test and scan all systems for Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram truck?Launch X431

Last month I came across this Launch M-Diag Lite Bluetooth OBDII Adapter for Android IOS, bought it $69.99 with free shipping and one free car software, I choose Chrysler.

Until yesterday I tested it on a 2010 Dodge Ram pickup, it seems good so far!

Monday, April 10, 2017

2017 Launch X431 V Honda Ford Mercedes Garage New functions?

Pay attention mates! 2017 Launch X431 V 8-inch tablet newly supports many garage functions for Honda Ford Mercedes repairing and maintenance! Surely this is your best choice!

Top 1 new feature: 2017 Launch X431 V & Honda
Launch X431 V add many Honda garage repairing and maintenance options
Open latest Launch X431 V Honda software V46.33 you can see many function options:
Write VIN, Replace ECM/PCM (ECM/PCM Reset), Crank Pattern Clear, Crank Pattern Learning, Throttle Learning, Motor Rotor Position Learning, Read Codes, Read DataStream, Read Freeze Frame, Actuation Test

Launch X431 V Tablet allows you to do Car Workshop special reset easily!
You can do Service Reminder, Throttle Learning, Air Bleeding, Sensor Calibration and IMMO

Top 2 new feature: 2017 Launch X431 V & Ford
Launch X431 V support Ford till 2017 including Ford F-650, F750!
 (You know very few tools can do F-650 and F750 currently)
Open latest Launch X431 V Ford software V46.42 you can see it support many different Ford car models up to 2017!

And Launch X431 V support Ford F-650, F750 Test Specification:

You can use this Launch X431 V to view vehicle information, to select vehicle system and fully scan, to do special reset and module programming.

Launch X431 V Module Programming support Ford Audio Control Module and Compact Disc Player Module.

Top 3 new feature: 2017 Launch X431 V & Mercedes
Launch X431 V 8-inch Pad newly adds many garage functions for Mercedes repairing and maintenance:
Brake Pad Reset, ABS Bleeding Reset, Electronic Throttle Sensor Reset, TPMS Reset, DPF Regeneration and so on.

Launch X431 V learn and program Mercedes ECM engine control module.

Good news for you: Now this new 2017 Launch X431 V 8-inch diagnostic tablet is ONLY $956 with free shipping at!
Link is here
Hope it helps!