Friday, April 18, 2014

6 hot connectors and cables for x431Master/GX3

Popular x431 master and GX3 bring the good sales on 6 hot connectors and cables for x431Master/GX3 including Ford 20Pin Connector, Chrysler 6 Pin Connector BMW 20 Pin Connector, Smart OBDII 16/16E Connector, Cigarette Lighter Cable, and Launch X431 GX3/Master Main Cable.

Launch x431 Ford 20pin connector works together with X431 Master or GX3.

Work with launch x431 GX3.

BMW 20PIN Connector for Launch X431 GX3

Works together with Launch X431 Master and GX3

Cigarette Lighter cable For Launch X431 GX3 and Master

X431 GX3/Master Main Cable for people who get the one lost or who want a spare piece.

Let us come to X431 Master and x431 GX3

Available with English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Turkish, Polish, and Japanese; covering with cars from Europe, Japan, Korea, America, Russia and China and so on. Supporting functions, like read DTCs, read DataStream, actuation test, sensor waveform display and ECU coding

It is the same with x431 master, for both are with the technology of Open Control Platform for Vehicle' representing the highest level of automotive diagnostic technology in the world.

Only with English available. All inclusive software coverage - European, American and Asian

6 hot connectors and cables for x431Master/GX3 and hot selling of X431 master and GX3. Paying attention to these items, if you need obd2 tools for covering wide range of vehicles; investment on them are good.


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