Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Launch BST-760 Battery Tester Charging Test Result

Launch BST-760 Battery Tester Charging Test, the result as the following:

1. Charging Volt: Normal
Charging system shows the generator’s output is normal, no problems are detected.
2. Charging Volt: Low
Charging volt of the charging system is low.
Check whether slip or running off occurs on the generator drive belt.
Check the connection between generator and battery is normal or not.
If both of the drive belt and the connection are in good condition, follow the manufacturer’s suggestion to eliminate generator fault.
3. Charging Volt: High
Generator output volt is high.
Since most of the vehicle generators are using built-in regulator, the generator assembly has to be replaced.(For some old style cars using external regulator, diretly replace the regulator.)
The normal high volt of the voltage regulator is maximum 14.7±0.5V. If charging volt is too high, it will overcharge the battery. Therefore, the battery life will be shortened and troubles will be caused.
4. No Volt Output:
No generator volt output is detected. Check whether the generator connecting cable, the drive belt of generator and engine are normal or not.
5. Diode Test:
Through the test of charging current ripple, the tester will find out whether the diode works properly or not. When ripple volt is too high, it indicates at least one dione is damaged. Check and replace the diode.

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